The Dentist.

Shall we broach the subject of pandemic dentistry? I think so. In the past 6 months I have been told “Liz, I think the only solution is to pull your crown out yourself. Your husband can help. Just yank it and it should come out.” I have had hot wax placed on my tooth followed […]

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Tiger Pandemic

Tiger Pandemic. The combination of Tigers and a pandemic bring forth images of unpredictability, terror and strength. Bouncing red balls of virus, The Tiger King, the USS Comfort, Trump, Covid stats, Cuomo, Boris, The Tiger King, home schooling, home boredom, masks, memes and yes the Tiger King (which show I am watching at the end […]

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The Caged Tiger

It is a cold spring day. Flowers are popping up but trees are still bare. The weight of the world is heavy but the earth itself seems to be taking a deep breath. Staying home to help humanity. So easy and yet not. What helps? Music. Dancing. Laughter. Crying. Praying. Breathing. Turns out Tigers don’t […]

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The Perfect Birthday Party

Is it safe to say that weddings, oops I mean children’s birthday parties, have gotten out of hand?! This is a topic that has been blogged to death. But really people, despite the social media outcry things haven’t changed. Today, 6 months and 3 weeks before my daughters birthday, she casually mentioned to me that […]

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One More Shot

The rush of adrenaline, the elation, the devastation. Just one more shot. No, not of your favorite lemon drop, Jagermeister or tequila. I’m talkin’ tennis. Just one more shot– and everything depends on whether that ball goes in or out of the god forsaken green court, with that even more elusive white line that surrounds […]

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The Bengal Tiger

Hello and welcome to the Tiger Mama. This is a blog about living life to the fullest and taking no prisoners. Just kidding. Taking lots of prisoners. Wait- I think I am one of the prisoners. Hold on- where am I?! Oh ok, phew. Nope just at home with my 3 kids, dog, hamster, hermit […]

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