The Dentist.

Shall we broach the subject of pandemic dentistry? I think so.

In the past 6 months I have been told “Liz, I think the only solution is to pull your crown out yourself. Your husband can help. Just yank it and it should come out.” I have had hot wax placed on my tooth followed with searing nerve pain. I have not eaten or drank anything hot for 3 months. I have had 2 root canals that had multiple appointments that were determined to be “difficult.” And 1 new crown.

But NOTHING prepared me for the sickeningly sweet care delivered to me by the newly, zoomed trained dental assistant. NO doubt this is our future for a few years.

Here are some warning signs. Beware of:

  1. Very, very young looking eyes.
  2. Very, very thorough care.
  3. And by thorough I mean a mouth suctioning connoisseur.
  4. And by mouth suctioning connoisseur I mean your mouth could not be drier after a 26.2 mile jog in the Sahara Desert.
  5. If your mouth suddenly turned into the actual Sahara Desert, it would have gotten this way by: being gagged multiple times, lip suctioned into the tube, tongue scraped by suction, suctioned before more suction and then suctioned some more.
  6. Who knew the Sahara desert, I mean my mouth, needed to be suctioned before closing and swallowing.
  7. I will not need to swallow for the rest of this pandemic.

Despite all of this… THANK YOU! To all dentists and dental care assistants. I would certainly have dentures by now if it weren’t for you!

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