Diary of an Embittered Misanthropist, pt. 1

stupidityI hate people. Those are some words I hear myself saying too often. I try to love people because I think super positive people are awesome and I want to be one of them. I strive to see the good in everybody whilst acknowledging the fact that every one of us has our very own range of huge, throbbing faults lurking beneath our glistening veneers. I attempt to convince myself we are all really the same. And I’m getting quite good at it in some ways, or that is what I tell myself. Continue reading

The attack on Emma Watson illustrates precisely why feminism is still so important

Emma WatsonI go back and forth on whether I am a feminist or not. I often find myself passionately expressing staunch feminist opinions, but on the other hand I sometimes hear arguments in the name of feminism that I could not disagree with more. Perhaps I would be classed as Feminist Lite. Of course it is not really necessary to categorise our views on life and stick a restrictive label on them, but in day-to-day life it can sometimes make it easier to be able to quickly explain where you stand in conversation. Continue reading

Should everybody vote?

voteThe votes are being counted in the 2014 New Zealand general election as I publish this post. This year I did not head out to the polls. This was not through apathy or protest, or anything else besides the fact that I am ineligible to vote here as we have not yet been granted residency. Otherwise I would have personally been there bright and early (well okay, not early) to make my voice heard and my opinion count. Continue reading

Is childbirth a women’s only domain?

familybirthI read a blog post a little while back that was written by a man. In its title it questioned why anybody would ever want to film their births, and in its body it ridiculed those who do it and repeatedly questioned the ‘behaviour’. The author did not allow comments on his blog despite his incessant questions. He must have lacked conviction in his own views enough to want to avoid any chance of having his questions answered.

It was a real eye-roller. Continue reading

Pregnancy: Choppy waters and real love

scan photoAround 11 weeks ago I peed into Daddy Bear’s shaving foam lid (sorry, if you read this), dipped a stick in it and got the Big Fat Positive we’d been waiting for. Pregnancy fever hit for a short while, but, as we opted to keep it to ourselves in the short-term, pretty soon it became a case of Just Getting On With It And Waiting For Something To Happen. Those first few weeks are second only to the last few weeks in terms of impatient restlessness. Continue reading

Why I can’t help but feel uneasy about the Ice Bucket Challenge

Ice Bucket ChallengeI must admit, when I returned to Facebook after my long e-vacation I was a little dismayed to see that everybody was in the grip of yet another viral ‘dare’ trend – the Ice Bucket Challenge.

I am not going to denounce this craze, though. How “bah, humbug!” would I have to be to say something that has raised however many million (I have seen too many different stats to hazard a guess as to which is correct) for various good causes should never have happened? Continue reading