When it all just gets a bit too much

You know you’re having a bad one when you find yourself getting back out of bed an hour after first climbing into it, more awake and stressed out than ever, and opening up WordPress in order to bleakly offload your thoughts.

I had two blog posts etch themselves into my mind tonight when I was putting the kids to bed (always when I’m putting my kids to bed), neither of which were this one, and when I eventually get around to writing them up they will be well thought out and at least in part coherent. I cannot make the same promise for tonight. This one is straight from the heart to the screen and bypassing all of the usual internal filters. Continue reading

“We think your son has Asperger Syndrome”

As anyone who regularly reads this blog will know, I have three babies (and a fourth en route). They are all very special in their own wonderful and individual ways, as is every child. However my eldest, six years old, is special in a different kind of a way. He is quirky. Atypical.

autismWhen he was younger he was very noticeably different to other children. This first became obvious to me when he was 15 months old (no, I don’t believe vaccinations changed him, no, this doesn’t make me a sheep, and yes, I have done the research), but looking back, especially now I can compare to my younger two, even as a baby he was different. Continue reading

The first of many lasts, but by no means the last of the firsts

Upside down view of the baby's head. The mouth was open and appeared to be smiling in this still, and the hands are clenched and raised either side of its head, as if it's jumping for joy.

Upside down view of the baby’s head. The dark area is the brain, the little pointy but at the top is its itty bitty chin. The mouth was open and appeared to be smiling in this still, and the hands are clenched and raised either side of its head, as if it’s jumping for joy.

Twenty four hours ago I was sinking into a comfortable recliner, absorbing the sights and sounds of my surroundings as the sonographer massaged my abdomen with that familiar, warm jelly.

No healthcare system is perfect, and I think Britain’s NHS – which supported me through my first three pregnancies – is admirable in many ways. Continue reading

Diary of an Embittered Misanthropist, pt. 1

stupidityI hate people. Those are some words I hear myself saying too often. I try to love people because I think super positive people are awesome and I want to be one of them. I strive to see the good in everybody whilst acknowledging the fact that every one of us has our very own range of huge, throbbing faults lurking beneath our glistening veneers. I attempt to convince myself we are all really the same. And I’m getting quite good at it in some ways, or that is what I tell myself. Continue reading

The attack on Emma Watson illustrates precisely why feminism is still so important

Emma WatsonI go back and forth on whether I am a feminist or not. I often find myself passionately expressing staunch feminist opinions, but on the other hand I sometimes hear arguments in the name of feminism that I could not disagree with more. Perhaps I would be classed as Feminist Lite. Of course it is not really necessary to categorise our views on life and stick a restrictive label on them, but in day-to-day life it can sometimes make it easier to be able to quickly explain where you stand in conversation. Continue reading

Should everybody vote?

voteThe votes are being counted in the 2014 New Zealand general election as I publish this post. This year I did not head out to the polls. This was not through apathy or protest, or anything else besides the fact that I am ineligible to vote here as we have not yet been granted residency. Otherwise I would have personally been there bright and early (well okay, not early) to make my voice heard and my opinion count. Continue reading

Is childbirth a women’s only domain?

familybirthI read a blog post a little while back that was written by a man. In its title it questioned why anybody would ever want to film their births, and in its body it ridiculed those who do it and repeatedly questioned the ‘behaviour’. The author did not allow comments on his blog despite his incessant questions. He must have lacked conviction in his own views enough to want to avoid any chance of having his questions answered.

It was a real eye-roller. Continue reading